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Dr. Kelley

I grew up knowing I wanted to help people. I have also loved nature, and the idea that we have an innate ability to heal if given the proper conditions. Being a chiropractor was the perfect fit for me. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder program with a psychology degree but was injured in a body surfing accident, and when the chiropractor made so much sense to me about how I had injured myself and what to do about it, I decided to go to Chiropractic school. I graduated from Northwester Health Sciences University with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988. I have had many years of successful practice in Minnesota, and have come back to my roots and my first love, Colorado.  

I have raised my children with the 'chiropractic lifestyle' with as much natural health direction as possible. Because I had children, it was natural that I had a large percentage of pregnant women and children who came to see me. I have become a Master Herbalist and have had extensive extra education in nutritional intervention for illness. My children have now thrived into a healthy adulthood and being able to share all this knowledge with the public is very fulfilling. 


I spend most of my free time walking in wild places, camping and gathering my own natural medicines. I also love to eat wild food. I think it has extra nutritional value when it has grown in a natural environment. Many people are surprised how many useful things are just hanging around!