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Our philosophy at Firestone Chiropractic is based on quality of care and personalized treatments for each and every patient. We strive for honesty, sincerity and integrity as a part of every interaction in the office. We do offer care plans for each patient’s individual needs and expectations, but you will never be pressured into a high dollar contract using scare tactics.

Chiropractic care (spinal manipulation/mobilization) isn't the solution to every complaint of neck pain, lower back pain, or headaches. There are many different non-invasive treatment options. If you elect to try Chiropractic care for pain relief and don't see a significant improvement, we can provide you with other possible treatment options that may offer you relief.

As a patient at our clinic, you'll never be asked to become a life-long patient or be required to pay a large lump sum of cash up front in order to be treated. We believe in treating you to get you out of pain and keeping you healthy, to minimize the chances of exacerbating the injury that brought you to our office.

Each patient and their reaction to treatment is different. For a few, they may be seen 2-3 times and be pain-free for months at a time. For others, due to their specific conditions, they might see that coming in once every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or even 2 months is what keeps their bodies from relapsing into the level of pain that originally brought them into our office. Sometimes, if there is an injury involved, a longer series of treatment is usually involved in order to allow the injured tissue to heal optimally.

Catching that “tweak” in your back or neck during the early stages, when the pain is tolerable, may minimize the risk of a reoccurrence or exacerbation of your original condition.

Dr. Dean's personal view on chiropractic treatment is that “if you have a spine, you need a chiropractor". Chiropractic care keeps you moving, reduces back and joint pain, and allows for optimal functionality.


At Firestone Chiropractic we offer a variety of techniques from traditional straight forward chiropractic care. Techniques include Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, and instrument adjusting using the Activator.

Dr. Dean is trained in multiple techniques and always tailors each adjustment to what best fits the patient's needs. Although most adjustments look similar, each one is adapted to the patient and injury.


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